Categories of Wedding Ceremonies

brideRenewal of Vows
Renewing your vows is a symbolic confirmation of your loving relationship, and a chance to create brand new memories together. Can you think of a more romantic thing to do, than re-taking your wedding vows at your favorite destination, with a unique, beautiful ceremony by the sea?

Symbolic Wedding
While most of the couples choose to wed with the ordinary way, several couples prefer to have a symbolic wedding, in order to avoid the paper work requirements. Each couple gets to wed in their own country, and simply have a symbolic ceremony and reception on the beautiful island of Crete.

Civil Wedding
The civil ceremony, as known, takes place in the Town Hall or other similar municipal office and is conducted by an authorized civil representative. The ceremony is held both in Greek and the couple's mother tongue. Services are typically held from Monday to Friday within working hours. Occasionally, couples choose to be legally married at the Town Hall as well as have a separate, non-legal ceremony (wedding blessing) at a place of their preference. The bride and the groom must provide two witnesses to attend the wedding ceremony. The witnesses should have their passports or Greek identification cards with them, as well as photocopies. Eros and Wedding may provide two witnesses. The marriage certificate (in Greek) is issued within three days after the service.

Orthodox Wedding
In order to conduct a Greek Orthodox ceremony, at least one of the parties is obliged to be of the Greek Orthodox religion. In other cases, in order to conduct a Greek Orthodox ceremony, the parties would need to be christened into Greek Orthodox first. If the parties are willing to do so, it is possible to arrange the christening on the same day or prior to the wedding day.
Orthodox weddings may take place in several small, picturesque churches near the sea or in the area of a hotel.

Catholic Wedding
All legal documents and church availability will be taken care of by the pastor of your own home town or city, after he gives his permission, and he will contact the pastor of our city, Heraklion, for further details.