Legal arrangements - Paperwork

sign-papersEvery case is unique in its own way, you need to contact us to give us the necessary information in order for us to assist you. All documents concerning the wedding must be sent to us at least 30 days prior to the Wedding day, but before sending them by mail sent them by fax or e-mail so we can make sure that they are all in order.
If you send them without our confirmation and the papers are not correct, the wedding will be cancelled, so the sooner the better. If for some reason your papers are not in order, the wedding will be cancelled or you can have a symbolic ceremony which is exactly the same as the regular wedding ceremony but it will not be legal. It will be like vows renewal but your guests will not know the difference. Send them ahead of time, in order to check in case something is missing or wrong.

heraklio-town-hallThe documents you will send us must be authenticated for use abroad. This is also called legalization of the document. Authentication means that a seal is placed on the document which will be recognized in the foreign country where the document which will be recognised used and that is the Apostille stamp.
For European countries please contact your Ministry of Foreign Affairs and for Non-European, please contact the Department of State of your country.
Two (2) witnesses are required to be present for the wedding ceremony.

The following are required of foreigners applying for a marriage license in Greece (the bride and groom must each submit these documents):

a. A passport  
b. A valid residence permit (if applicable)  
c. Full Birth Certificate of both parties
An original or certified copy of the applicant's birth certificate, along with an official translation in Greek. The birth certificate should have an Apostil stamp
d. Certificate of Non-Impediment to marry for both parties. This document confirms that you have not been married and that you are free to marry. This document is available at your local Registry office (i.e. in your home country) and it must be issued  no more than 6 months prior to the wedding date. This must be officially legalized with an Apostil stamp.
e. Decree Absolute
If either has been married before, a final divorce decree along with an Apostil stamp is essential.
f. Spouse’s Death Certificate
If either is widowed, a death certificate along with an Apostil stamp is necessary.
g. Deed Poll Certificate or Statutory Declaration
If you have changed your name in the past this document is necessary. Please note this includes divorced persons who have reverted to their maiden name. Apostille stamp required.
h. Adoption Certificate

In case one or both parties have been adopted, appropriate certificates are required. Apostil stamp required.

All marriages in Greece, whether civil or religious, must be registered at the local Registrar's Office/Office of Vital Statistics within 40 days following the ceremony. Registration must be done by the bride & groom. Once registered, a Marriage Certificate will be issued within three days and can be picked up or sent via mail.

The Apostil/Legalisation
Any foreign legal documents which are to be used in Greece must be officially legalised with the Hague Convention Apostil. The Apostil is a stamp or seal that signifies the document is legal and authentic.
A Hague Convention Apostil for a legal document, such as a birth certificate or divorce decree, can be obtained by an approved government office in the country, state or county where the document originates (this could be a State Secretary's office or Foreign and Commonwealth Office).

Without the necessary documents we cannot accomplish your wedding!